Celebrating Independence Day or creating environmental disaster?

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We can thank the local government for allowing this to occur. The authorities allow beachgoers to bring alcohol and fireworks to the beach, which not only is unsafe but has a negative effect on the ecosystem. I am saddened that in a state which depends so greatly on the beauty of the beaches that such a disaster could occur. The public workers were out early today to dump the trash bins and ran a sand rake along the beach, but this machine does not find all of the small pieces of packaging and confetti as well as small sparklers and other trash floating along the surface of the water. 

To all those who kept their celebration conscious I salute you and ask that you continue to spread this positive energy for the earth and its inhabitants.  All I can hope is that we set an example for others and made them think twice this morning about their personal actions.

As I went out along the beach this morning for my morning walk, I was quickly reminded why I avoided the beach yesterday. Many people who do not regularly visit this stretch of beach came to visit for the day or the holiday weekend. Instead of giving back in celebration of their freedom they decided to light off fireworks, leaving a mass amount of debris in the water and on the beach, in addition to cigarette butts and cups that were holding their celebration beverages. It is sad that they decided to leave the beauty which refreshed them in such condition. Instead of enjoying a long walk, I spent the entire walk picking up garbage as others walked or ran right by the mess left for someone else to pick up. It was also interesting to see how people responded to my picking up trash; some were thankful and responded positively while others were angry that I was in their running path.

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