Celeste Star's heavenly body of work

An interview with the petite Latina porn star on ferrets, threesomes, and riding the roller coaster of adult entertainment for nearly a decade.

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I have to stay on it. I clean it pretty much every day. When I got my ferrets I was warned that either you love their scent or you hate it. I love the way they smell. My boy smells like maple syrup and my female smells like tortillas. Maybe there's something wrong with my senses.

How did you get into ferrets?

I rescued my white one, my male. He was very malnourished, very sickly, but I thought he was adorable. Then my mom showed up with a little girl. She bit me so bad and so many times that I almost got rid of her. Every time I held her, she would bite me. Then a vet told me that if you just scruff them and blow in their face, they will stop biting, and she did.

Who is easier to train, a ferret or a guy?

Oh a ferret. They go in the cat litter no problem.

Why is Sleeping Beauty your favorite Disney princess?

Here's the story. I was really sick for a few days once in school. When I came back, all my girlfriends were like, "We're all princesses." I assumed I would be Bell because my hair is brown, but everyone had their princess picked, so they were like, "We picked you as Sleeping Beauty." Ever since then I've been obsessed with her. You should see my apartment. Princesses everywhere.

So I have this theory that whatever kind of porn a boy first discovers becomes his model for what turns him on. For women I think the same thing applies, but in terms of love and romance, which is why so many women fantasize about having the kind of romance depicted in Disney fairy tales.

I totally believe that. I've met a lot of guys who like the 80s high-up underwear. Some guys like panty hose. With women, it is very much about romance. Even in my scenes a girl might not be a lesbian, or even bisexual, but if you look at her, have that intense romantic connection, kiss her, tease her, then the woman will tend to loosen up with you. I think women enjoy that connection far more than just fucking, if that at all answers your question.

What's your favorite romance story?

Actually, it would probably have to be The Little Mermaid. That was the first movie I ever saw. I cried when she left her dad.

Did you realize Ariel was supposed to be like 16 years old when she got married in that movie?

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Oh my God I never noticed that. That is kind of creepy. Maybe this is from being in porn, but now I get creeped out by so many things I would not have noticed before. For example, in the movie Little Monsters, Howie Mandel's character basically kidnaps Fred Savage so they can play together and become best friends. Or there's that scene in The Goonies when the big brother tickles his little brother on his lap. That just seems weird when I watch it now. When you are in porn, you start to see things in a much different way.

What else do you see differently as a porn star? Relationships?

Relationships, yes, but also no. Since I only do solo and girl/girl scenes, porn hasn't really affected my relationships with anyone.

Your boyfriends don't care that you sleep with other women?

They don't, which is surprising because it is still kind of being with someone else. But I guess that is also most guys' fantasies.

How many boyfriends have asked you to set up a threesome?

Quite a few, but I've only given one it, and it was only because I didn't really like him so there was no jealousy.

Did it go as well as he hoped?

I don't know. He didn't really like the girl. She was kind of my girlfriend at the time. I think he was jealous because my relationship with her had become more than just friends fucking. So I don't think it was as exciting as he expected.

Would you be more upset if you found out your boyfriend was having sex with another girl, or if he was going over to her house just to snuggle and talk?

I would probably hate if he was cuddling with another woman. I've had boyfriends who want to hangout with their friends who they haven't seen in five years, who are girls. I'm like, "You guys haven't talked in five years so why do you all of a sudden want to go to lunch and hang out?" That's weird for me. I would rather neither option, but if I had to choose, I would be like, "Just fuck her and come home."

What is your game plan in the industry? How do you want your career to evolve?

I'm just trying to make it a decade. I don't know where I'm going. This is my ninth year, so I'm just trying to make it at least one more year. Maybe I'll stop when I'm thirty. We'll see.

You must have seen a lot in a decade of porn.

The industry has definitely gone up and down like a roller coaster. When I first got in, it was at the height. Then the economy dropped and porn dropped with it. It is kind of sad being in it. It's like when you're a freshman and your senior friends graduate. People I've worked with for three or four years move on to something else. I'm not sad that I'm still here. I love my job, but sometimes I'm like, "I miss that person. I miss fucking her."

One of the strange things about the adult industry is how much it focuses on new girls. The camera loves a new face. How can you stay in the industry for a decade and have a stable career?

I was scrapping for rent and bills for a year. Then I was one of the presenters at the AVNs three years ago and everyone was like, "Oh my God! She is still around and she's still hot." Now when anyone wants a good girl/girl scene, I'm one of the women they call. Other girls recommend me, which has also really helped me the last few years.

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Celeste Star's heavenly body of work - HollyRandall.com
Celeste Star's heavenly body of work

Celeste Star's heavenly body of work - HollyRandall.com
Celeste Star's heavenly body of work
  • HollyRandall.com

Why do you think lesbian porn is considered less hardcore than boy/girl?

I don't know. I get really dirty in my scenes, but I guess there just isn't enough pounding, even though I will pound the fuck out of a girl. There is that bias. When I say, "I'm a porn star," some people will say, "You're not a porn star. You're a model." I'm like, "Well I do porn. I show all my goodies so why am I not a porn star?"

Do you get paired more with petite or Amazonian women?

More petite performers. I've only been with a few taller women. I am so small it makes them look even bigger.

You have two ferrets, a cat and a dog. How terrible does your place smell?

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