Charlie Crist's campaign team gets attention, as Democrats continue their love affair with the Governor

One man's perspective, yes, but seemingly every Democrat has come to their own conclusion about why he or she feels good about supporting Crist over Meek (or Jeff Greene at this point).

But the tide may turn slightly after August 24.  The Democratic Party seemingly will unite behind their candidate - at least through Washington they'll have more financial support (though that shouldn't be a problem if Greene is the nominee).  Maybe not, but one would believe that a certain percentage, maybe not that large, of Democrats would "come home" and choose their own over the lifelong Republican Charlie Crist.

Yet feat of a Marco Rubio Senate career runs strong and thick throughout Democratic quarters.

Meanwhile, a new Quinnipiac poll just out has Crist up by 5% over Rubio in the November general election race, 37%-32%, which Jeff  Greene at 17%.  If Kendrick Meek is part of the mix, he gets even less support (13%).

Quinnipiac reports that Crist is getting 40% support of Democrats to account for his lead.

is reporting this morning on the interesting crew of characters who are populating Charlie Crist's independent run for U.S. Senate.  Labeled "Band of Others," the story written by David Catanese includes this interesting quote from Florida Republican strategist Brett Doster:

“Thirty percent of the votes in a general election come from the four southeastern counties,” Doster said. “Democrats can win in Florida by carrying seven to 12 counties out of the 67, if they do it right. Charlie has built a team designed to help him find Democratic votes in southeastern Florida.”

Getting lots of love in the piece is Eric Johnson, former chief of staff for former South Florida Democratic firebrand Congressman Robert Wexler, who gives a familiar sounding quote about how Florida Dems have no problem that he's working with Crist.

"I was always amazed at how he took positions that wouldn’t sit well with the extreme of his party,” Johnson continued, noting the governor’s move to extend voting hours and his now infamous support of the federal stimulus bill. “Other governors were playing politics with it, saying they wouldn’t accept the money. He didn’t play those games. I felt that deserved support. Most of my Democratic friends have given me a thumbs up for my involvement.”

I'm sure they have.  Overnight I received an e-mail from a friend of mine who is a New York native but has been living in Plant City for a number of years.  Here's a short excerpt of why this registered Democrat says he supports Charlie Crist for Senate:

As for Charlie Crist, you are clearly not seeing the bigger picture.  I do detest the man, who— based upon his naked ambition and sociopathic lack of any morals —will say or do anything that he perceives as advancing his career.  But that will be our advantage once he arrives in Washington.  Unlike Meek (who is clearly a party hack) and Rubio (who scares the shit outta me), Crist's support and votes will have to be courted by whomever controls the Senate (GOP or Dems).  That puts him into the same league as fellow scumbag, Joe Lieberman, and will benefit Floridians far more than the reliable, party-bound votes of either a Meek or a Rubio.  Charlie will be in a position to cut deals, unlike the men he'd be replacing (first Martinez, now LeMieux) or our redneck senior party hack, Bill Nelson.

The e-mail goes on to suggest that Kendrick Meek has never had a chance in Florida, alleging racism.

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