Charlie Crist's website can't keep up with his (changing) positions

The liberal media watchdog group Media Matters is calling attention to Charlie Crist's conversion over the past week to being dead set against possibilities of renewed offshore drilling, in the wake of the the massive oil spill spreading across the Gulf Coast.

The governor changed his position (which a few years ago was anti-drilling) last week, and reiterated it yesterday on NBC's Meet the Press.

But as he goes about hiring new staff as many of his top staffers quit after Crist left the Republican Party last week, the campaign's website has obviously not been a priority.  Currently on the website under "Charlie Crist on Energy", it read, well, check it out for yourself:

While on MTP yesterday, Crist said:

MR. GREGORY:  Final question, Governor.  Especially with the oil spill that has unfolded on the Gulf Coast, is it your view that offshore drilling should be tabled as an idea going forward?

GOV. CRIST:  Absolutely.  It's got to be tabled for sure.  I mean, you know, when I flew over it on Tuesday and I saw the magnitude of this thing, it was, it was unbelievable.  And then I've been here in Pensacola yesterday and again today, and it, it frightens me.  I mean, you know, I think what we have to do is be prepared to handle this thing, do the very best we can, but we've got to be prepared for the worst.  And that means going to clean energy as quickly as we can, and natural gas.

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