Readers respond re Iorio, GaYbor and that big ol' flag

Unemployment, Confederate flags and the arts community were among the subjects drawing comment in recent weeks. Our recent interviews with Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio and Uhuru leader Omani Yeshitela also struck a chord, as did Megan Voeller's report on the duo behind the GaYbor Coalition. Alex Pickett's search for the perfect iced coffee ("Cold caffeine comfort," June 11) yielded numerous reader recommendations, among them Taste Safety Harbor, Kahwa Coffee in St. Pete, Café Hey, Sacred Grounds and Nola Café in Tampa. Brian Ries' assessment of Hooters and Ker's Wing House ("Babes, boobs and hot wings," June 25) led to a number of suggestions for alternative wing destinations, including Honeys on N. Dale Mabry and Beach Pizza in Pinellas. One reader thought that the decision to review Hooters and Ker's in the first place was a bad idea, and especially to do so in our Gay Issue. What can we say? We like to offer something for everyone. (To link to the original stories, go to tampa.creativeloafing.com/news.)

Re "Mayor Iorio declares her independence," by Wayne Garcia, July 2: One problem I have noticed that the Mayor and therefore the City of Tampa has is that the good old boy system is still here in the form of local residents who work for the City despite professional administrators. Unless the Mayor has sufficient backing and her backers are willing to use whatever power they have accumulated to see a project through then you can bet there will be impossible resistance from within...

Posted by Mr_Technical_Dude on 07.02.08 @ 07:40 PM

Re "Omali Yeshitela: 'I ain't speaking to City Hall or the police department'," by Alex Pickett, July 2: Kudos to the Uhurus on showing the Rays and the City that they couldn't buy the black vote that they were counting on.

Posted by MaryJohansen on 07.02.08 @ 03:18 PM

Re "Boobs, babes and hot wings," by Brian Ries, June 25: Are people really that misguided to think that "food" is a priority at any of these joints? It is all about heterosexual leering. Which, come to think of it, was a poor choice for the openly gay issue as well.

Posted by jj on 06.30.08 @ 02:07 PM

Re "The queering of Ybor," by Megan Voeller, June 25: I first met Mark and Carrie [of MC Film] before they officially opened their 15th Street store. The enthusiasm they oozed for Ybor was already evident... It is gratifying for me and my husband, Eric, that Mark and Carrie's energy, tenacity and perseverance have caused this coalition of co-operation to flourish to the benefit of everyone in Ybor City. As members of the Gaybor Coalition we wish them continued success!

Posted by Shere Schiller (owner, Gaspar's Grotto) on 06.26.08 @ 01:17 PM

Re "Is Tampa Bay ready for an arts renaissance?" by Megan Voeller, June 18: ...I hope for real change, but let's face it — our leaders do not take the culture=economic growth argument seriously, no matter how many experts come to town. Perhaps instead of pursuing the unrealistic goal of securing meaningful business/government support, we should aim lower, and simply ask them to at least get out of the way.

Posted by Ned on 06.18.08 @ 12:31 PM

The thing I always tell people who want to help the arts is to actually go support the arts. And I mean truly — go support the art. Buy a ticket. Actually show up. Be a part of it. If as many people actually did that who bemoaned the state of the arts or the lack of support, we wouldn't have much of this problem.

Posted by David Jenkins on 06.19.08 @ 02:13 PM

Re "Marion Lambert: 'The flag is going up,' by Alex Pickett, June 11: Have you ever noticed who attacks the Confederate flag? It is generally cowardly politicans, self-righteous beatniks, hippies and homosexuals in the media, and the third world racist prison culture.

Posted by david pierson on 06.12.08 @ 10:57 AM

I am so sick of ignorant rednecks getting excited over the Confederate flag, I could hurl.

Posted by Jim Satcherwhite on 06.14.08 @ 02:05 PM

Re "Doing more with less: A manifesto for the happily unemployed," by Franklin Schneider, June 4: This isn't a manifesto. It's the writers attempt to justify being a complete loser, and a burden on society & the American taxpayer. If I didn't know any better I would have thought this article was an anti-welfare & unemployment benefits propaganda piece written by GOP operatives to help grow anti-welfare sentiments and propagate the stereotype of welfare cheats who give otherwise honest people that have found themselves down on their luck, a bad name.

Posted by Roger on 06.08.08 @ 12:14 PM

I just wanted to say that article is genius.

Posted by pfunk on 06.10.08 @ 06:21 PM

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