Crist supporter raises doubt about Crist

Charlie’s lack of conviction on the issues is catching up with him

By Chris Ingram

It hasn’t taken long, but there is trouble in Tallahassee for the Charlie Crist campaign. It seems Chuckles the clown, er, governor is starting to take some heat from within his own tent for lacking any conviction or serious plans for the challenges facing our country.

Apparently some Crist supporters actually do have a brain, a heart, and a concern for the legacy we leave to our children and grand children.

There is an e-mail floating around from Michael Pinson who up until now has been a big supporter of the tan man.  In his e-mail to Greg Truax (a Crist apologist and publisher of the Crist propaganda website called – which I used to contribute to), and Andy Graham (a Tampa attorney seemingly attached to the hip of Truax), Pinson raises the point readers of Irreverent View have read countless times, ”Our sitting Governor remains SILENT with no leadership” Pinson complains. Pinson raises other deep concerns including Chuckles’ support of ACORN, SEIU (a labor union), his failure to condemn Obama (hard to do with those pictures), anti-capitalism, pro-immigration, and more. It’s a good read. Really good! I was waiting for Pinson to blame Chuck for his wet newspaper following the downpour we had in the Tampa Bay area last night.

In any event, Pinson dings Charlie on all the important issues of the day — and then some. Michael, when you’re ready to get off the sinking S.S. Charlie Crist, I’d love to have you write some columns for Irreverent View!

It should be noted all three of these guys (Pinson, Truax, and Graham) are big Charlie supporters, and according to Beth Reinhard on her blog wrote that Truax and Pinson were both considered by Governor Lack of Leadership for the U.S. Senate appointment when Mel Martinez resigned. Reinhard noted that both (along with a few others) are “lapdogs” to Charlie Crist.

The funniest thing about all this is Graham’s short reply to Pinson’s long list of concerns about Charlie boy.  But Michael put Andy in a tough spot. Even a smart lawyer like Andy can’t argue a good case when zero facts are on his side.

So here it is! An Irreverent View exclusive of Pinson’s pensive about Charlie Crist’s lack of convictions on any important issue.



From: Michael Pinson

Sent: Saturday, September 26, 2009 12:28 AM

To: ‘Greg Truax’; Cc: ‘Andy Graham’; 

Subject: Why is Charlie Crist refusing to Speak out AGAINST Socialism, ACORN, the SEIU and For our Free American Capitalist Republic?

Importance: High

Greg & Michelle,

Here is another example of a blog post about Charlie. He is not looking very good and continues to refuse to speak out on Core American Values, openly condemn Socialism, and speak out in favor for Equal Opportunity, Capitalism, Free Markets and our American Free Capitalist Republic under the US Constitution.

Why is Charlie so afraid of Pelosi, Obama, ACORN and the Florida Socialist Democratic Party?

Frankly, I am shocked that I have to even keep asking Charlie about these issues which he is ignoring.

He has also refused to condemn ACORN and what Congress is doing wrong with national healthcare, debt, Cap & Trade, No energy Plan, No solutions for Business owners to create jobs, and how the Obama spending plan is bankrupting the government.

Charlie needs to address the key facts what Glen Beck is proving every day what Congress is doing wrong in our country.

Why is not Charlie condemning corruption in Government?

If Charlie cannot, then he will fail us as our governor. If Charlie is a “Conservative” then he should be 100% on board with the Grass Roots Movement and Tea Parties. Charlie MUST speak out DAILY on these issues starting now.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicare are bankrupt today yet Charlie will not even address these problems.

Illegal immigration is killing American (and Florida) jobs, industry and exhausting local and state and county budgets in all departments including Medicaid, HUD and welfare programs, and Charlie remains silent.

Our sitting Governor remains SILENT with no leadership.

What is Charlie thinking?

Has Charlie gone Progressive Socialist on us? Why he is 100% silent on every issue that is hurting Florida jobs and our economy? As you know, I have donated to Charlie for years to include in 2009. I was planning on contributing more to Charlie, but after these past several months of lack of performance, Charlie needs to prove that he is worthy of more donations to run for office.

The days of giving elected officials a blank check have ended. We need leaders who are going to speak out on all of the details about ALL ISSUES  to turn our country around. If Charlie refuses to speak our as our sitting Governor, I have no faith he will do so as a US Senator. He must change his path very soon to regain voter support.

There are way too many people who have valid points about Charlie failing in silence right now.

Why is Charlie ignoring these key points? Why is he supporting Pelsoi and Obama, vs. condemning Congress for circumventing the US Constitution and being Anti-Capitalist?

Having Charlie sell only generic political SPIN for education, taxes, environment, and veterans benefits will not work for 2010. Voters are demanding that ALL issues be addresses with a detailed hard line position from those running for public office. Charlie is ignoring 90% of the registered Republicans’ who want him to take a DETAILED position on these issues. 

I have tried to help and advise him about speaking on all of these issues. My concern is he is ignoring these important issues.

Frankly, if he continues down this path of supporting American Socialism and embracing Obama and does not speak out very-very soon for Capitalism, Equal Opportunity vs. Equal Distribution and for Florida Business owners, Charlie may lose this race. If he speaks out six months from now after he drops more in the polls, it will be too late because he will have no creditability.

Charlie may have Marco out gunned 10-to-1 in money today, but that could change in the next 60 days if Charlie does not act in the next week or so.

Is Charlie concerned for reason about the ACORN investigation and campaign monies that were allegedly laundered to others in public office? None of these ACORN PAC monies better have hit GOP accounts. This is why Charlie MUST speak out and condemn ACORN now as other governors have already done.

Were any Federal Stimulus monies allocated for Florida that did bypass the legislative process go to SEIU, or any of the ACORN organizations in Florida? So far, Charlie has ignored this question and I am concerned why he would do this.

Charlie wants us to help him, when he will not help us nor himself right now. Will be change over the next week before any more damage is done?

Below is one of MANY blog posts about voters who have always supported Charlie who are now asking questions as I have above.

Erwin G N.

We grew up in Saint Petersburg, and attended school with Charlie Crist’s sister(Cathy/ Saint Petersburg High School). We voted for Charlie Crist the last election. Never Again, what ever office he runs for!!! Ohhhh, and he doesn’t return e-mail from concerned Florida Citizens! He has and still is letting us down… Have you seen him lately? 

J. Michael Pinson, CEO

Pinson Communications, Inc.


From: Andy Graham 

Sent: Saturday, September 26, 2009 8:22 AM

To: ‘Michael Pinson’; ‘Greg Truax’;

Subject: RE: Why is Charlie Crist refusing to Speak out AGAINST Socialism, ACORN, the SEIU and For our Free American Capitalist Republic?

Michael, your are not listening.  He says he is FOR less government, less regulation, less taxing “and most important” more freedom.  You were there for at least one event.  You must have heard him.  That would seem to me to be  For our Free American Capitalist Republic and the exact opposite of Socialism.  He is putting out a positive message.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: RE: Why is Charlie Crist refusing to Speak out AGAINST Socialism, ACORN, the SEIU and For our Free American Capitalist Republic?

From: “Michael Pinson”

Date: Sat, September 26, 2009 9:30 am

To: “‘Andy Graham’”, “‘Greg Truax’” 


In response to your email below, Charlie DID NOT say at that meeting that he supported our American Capitalist Republic and we need for the Federal Government go back and follow the US Constitution. He DID NOT condemn Obama and Pelosi, and he DID NOT condemn ACORN and the Socialist Democrats. He did not address the failed Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid problems, he did not mention the national healthcare bill, immigration, business taxes, cap and trade, what needs to be done to get Congress back on track or any of the top problems today. He did not have solutions for anything in the State moving forwards and certainly had no ideas about how to solve ANYTHING in the US Senate. As a CEO and business owner, what is Charlie’s plan of action besides just “winning the race”?

I am very disappointed that Charlie continues to clearly avoid these questions even in our group when there is NO PRESS around. What is going on with him?

I think voters and supporters are getting tired of being told to “read between the lines” and assume what our elected leaders really stand for or may mean.

I listened very well to every speech to the public over the past year and I have been told by our friends that he WILL NOT and does not have to stand up on these points and American Core Values because he is up 62% in the polls and all we have to do is raise more money for Charlie and he will win on money by default. If this what the Republican Party has become since 2004?

Does this make us hypercritics as a party and Republicans?

Charlie never once has stood up and spoken out since he has become Governor that he STRONGLY supports Free Markets, Capitalism, Equal Opportunity vs. Equal Distribution, or said ANYTHING criticizing the Presidents, the SEIU or ACORN. He has NOT once CONDEMENED Socialism.

If he is not speaking out against Socialism and FOR Capitalism and Free Markets in detail, then he is drafting away from our Republican Core Values and he needs to come back to us vs. hugging Obama & Pelosi in public has he is doing.

I see problems if our sitting Governor wants to merely be all positive and not address the real world, with real problems and have real solutions. The days of picking the easy topics in order to remain PC and up in the polls are over with voters.  I am not sure why SO MANY of us close long term supporters had to beg Charlie to step up and speak out on these issues. You say I am not listening to Charlie. I say that Charlie and the “Team” are not “READING” the voter concerns below and he continues to ignore them. He needs to step up to the plate. The 2010 race will not be won by merely raising lots of money and being generic and nice with the PC.

Frankly, I would rather lose a race standing up for American Core Values, then win a race by ignoring them. The American People ‘EXPECT” people like you and I to communicate these problems with our guys because are close to them. If we are ignored like this, then what does this say about what our guy will do in office (no matter who they are)?

I am told that my concerns are such a minority sliver of the voters that the majority of voters are very happy and Charlie does not have to address any of these details. I say, that our friends need to start listening to us in more detail before the voters cause a major upset in the RPOF in 2010. The party is splitting hard and fast and Charlie needs to be a stronger leader vs. his path of being PC and buddies with ACORN, the Progressive Socialist Democrats and Obama.

We cannot say thee things in our group like this without being blown off, what does that say about Charlie? What does that say about us if we do not speak out and get Charlie back on track? What does this say about what we say in public vs. what is really occurring over the past year?

Charlie has avoided all of this and frankly I am not sure that he can not continue to ignore these major problems. I stepped up with contributions as a business owner to support Charlie “Again” and Charlie has decided to embrace Socialism, ACORN and Obama? Why?

He needs to get on same sheet of music with the voters before this becomes a huge mess. It could tear that party apart if he does not come back to these values in the next week. Greg knows that I am tired of asking Charlie and the guys about this.

Bill McCollum clearly says in his speeches that he is for Capitalism and Free Markets and against Pelosi, Obama and what Congress has been doing. He is against Socialism.

Editor’s note: e-mail addresses and names of other individuals who received this e-mail have been redacted. The “chain” of e-mails has also been restructured so it is chronological in the chronological order it was sent for easier reading and understanding. None of the text has been edited in any way from how Irreverent View received it.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at: [email protected].

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