The Daily Show offers a very appropriate attraction outside the RNC

Dog and pony show. Clown car. Big tent. Hucksters.

Circus metaphors are everywhere in American politics. The word "circus" itself seems like an apt description of the way we elect our leaders — especially this year.

In Cleveland, The Daily Show is inviting politicos to take in a "sideshow" attraction to coincide with the Republican National Convention, which officially kicks off tomorrow.

Set up in a space on the outskirts of downtown, The Daily Show Convention Sideshow pokes fun at presidential politics with a handful of interactive circus-themed games.

It's free and open to the public.

For fans of the show in town for the event, it's worth getting off the beaten path to check it out.

At the entrance is the inflatable dancing man (pictured above) featuring the likeness of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, an item used on a recent episode of the show.

There's the "Hall of Not Presidents," with its funhouse mirrors featuring silhouettes of 2016 presidential hopefuls past and present.

In "Run for the Border," a carnival-esque game, participants must attempt to escape to Canada or Mexico. Then there's "Grab a Delegate," which mocks money booths.

Daily Show correspondents are covering the RNC, of course, and will be taping their nightly episodes at a venue outside downtown for the week. Those who participate in the game will be entered into a drawing for tickets to attend one of the tapings.

Oh, and at the end, attendees were able to have their photos taken at a replica of the Daily Show news desk:

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