Daniel Tosh invents the Sex Zip Line (video)

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While analyzing the cultural significance of Homemade-sex-toys.com on this week's show, not only did Tosh demonstrate how to make an AV (artificial vagina) from a drinking cup and two sponges cloaked in bubble wrap, he contributed to the online dialogue by unveiling one of the DIY sex toys from his personal collection: The Sex Zip Line.

This Sex Zip Line will revolutionize sex the same way Segways changed how mall cops checkout middle school girls. Harnessing the same dynamic inertia as a Shake Weight, the toy supercharges a man's thrusting potential. After being on the receiving end of the Sex Zip Line, your partner will never again doubt the magnitude of your penis. In fact, most women will be so satisfied that they will immediately exit your apartment post-coitus, leaving you alone to enjoy the six inch sub you've been saving in the fridge—because six inches is the perfect size for any appetite.

No word yet on when the Sex Zip Line will be available for mass consumption. However, by following Tosh's simple video below you can easily make your own Sex Zip Line with some climbing rope, an adventurous—though not oversized—penis, and a patient prostitute.

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Daniel Tosh has a gift for populating his show, Tosh.0, with only the classiest of web content interwoven with informational remarks about AIDS and a monologue dedicated to reviving mainstream racist jokes by white comedians. Tosh is fearless, though with dazzlingly thighs like his, who wouldn't be? Not only does Tosh ask important questions about what this web content says about our culture, he is willing to meet the Internet on its own terms—which often means stripping down and lubing up.

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