Debunking the Obama myths

No, he doesn’t refuse to wear a flag lapel pin because he hates America. No, he isn’t Muslim. No, he didn’t say if the political winds change he will stand with Muslim terrorists.

Chasing and debunking the flat-out lies that have been hurled at Barack Obama is a full-time job for some folks, and yet I still get several smearing e-mails a week, some from my own distant relatives. There is no doubt the Obama e-mail myth phenomenon is part viral, part political strategy, yet many of them are passed along by well-meaning people who are mostly duped by out-of-context or completely fabricated information.

Maybe that’s why I found a recent e-mail from West Tampa civic activist (and admittedly hardcore Democrat) Jason Busto so refreshing. Busto was responding to a friend who had forwarded another of those Obama e-mails when Busto wrote (I edited only to capitalize some formal nouns or for grammar):

Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 10:29

Subject: RE: Obama

Yes indeed. Obama, the first Democrat to run in three elections that motivates and inspires Democrats, Independents and Republicans, and the first person who is likely to win the presidency in 4 presidencies by more than a 1-2% margin, is in fact a closeted racist, self-hating, pro-Islamist, America destroyer who has honestly done nothing worthwhile in his entire 46 years of living.

I thank the writer of the original mail for shining the light, as i was almost duped by his razzle dazzle.

Specifically on the subject matter cited, I suppose we can wait for another mixed race candidate to run, one who hasn’t bothered to honestly share his or her personal life discovery through books that he himself wrote, from which now sentences from them have been taken out of context and made to reflect a hidden agenda which is not his. This is a standard propaganda tactic, one which Ann Coulter made a fortune doing, one that was used to undermine a much weaker personality candidate named John Kerry.

Emails, commercials, the paid political pundits and scare campaigns will now begin in full earnest. they will do everything to keep the bush administration political patronage and machinery in power. If you are interested in helping them, then by all means, please do take note of the nonsense below.

However, if you do want to end the war, repair our national infrastructure and economy, get America working again, and just right the wrongs of the past 8 years, I urge you to abstain from these fear-fests. They are intellectually unworthy “of our great country”. Please listen to what is really being said and consider the motives behind the words. are the speakers of such ideas really thinking about what is best for America, or you and me for that matter?

Please do not forward these messages until you have vetted them. rumors and fears will spread like fire, and America needs Americans to take it back.

Lets throw fear out with the Bush administration. We have let our nation be controlled by their fearful manipulating for too long.

Nobody is perfect. We all have warts, but Obama is going to be a great president.



(Crossposted from The Political Whore.) 

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