Derrick Pierce: the bad boy brand

The male adult star on mixing MMA and porn, and being perpetually cast as the villain.

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Derrick Pierce has made a profession out of being bad. The square-jawed fitness expert races motorcycles, is covered in tattoos, owns pit bulls, trains MMA fighters, and is paid to have sex with women on camera.

Before breaking into the adult industry, Pierce coached, trained, and cornered MMA athletes who fought in the WEC and the UFC. In 2008 he muscled his way into porn with a girlfriend who was new to the industry. The next year he won Best Male Performer at the NightMoves Awards, then was named Unsung Male Performer of the Year at the 2010 AVN Awards. Pierce has worked with all the major adult studios, performing in everything from BDSM to feature adult films. Capitalizing on Pierce's bad boy brand, famed adult director, Axel Braun, casted Pierce as the villain in several of his x-rated parodies, including Wolverine XXX, Iron Man XXX, and The Dark Knight XXX. In 2013, Pierce directed his first feature adult film with Wicked Pictures, Tuff Love, which focuses on the world of underground MMA fighting.

Why do you think Axel Braun keeps casting you as the villain in his comic book parodies when many of the heroes in these films are just as physically intimidating, flawed, and sinister as the “bad guys"?

Axel keeps casting me because we have a great working relationship in regards to him being a director and me an "actor." He also knows that he can depend on me to be reliable and deal with the confines of the characters involved. As far as the antagonist vs protagonist... Well, that is always up for debate.

  • Derrick Pierce & Axel Braun

The spheres of MMA and porn often overlap. For instance, Jenna Jameson dated Tito Ortiz. Jesse Jane is dating MMA trainer, Michael Giovanni. The MMA fighter, War Machine moonlights as a male porn performer and is dating the new adult starlet Christy Mack. What do you think is the connection between MMA and porn?

I think that both are potentially "raw" at their roots. They both started outside the scope of the public eye and weren't really participated in for the purpose of fame. Obviously that has changed on both fronts.

Which would you rather watch, a porn or an MMA fight? Why?

MMA fight. Probably because I'm not sure of the outcome of the fight. In porn you always know what's gonna happen and how it's gonna end.

click to enlarge Derrick Pierce & jessica drake in 'Underworld' - Wicked Pictures
Wicked Pictures
Derrick Pierce & jessica drake in 'Underworld'
  • Wicked Pictures
  • Derrick Pierce & jessica drake in 'Underworld'

Which has more vigorous blood testing, porn or fight commissions?

Adult for sure. The level of frequency is much higher. Of course, at this time ours is still voluntary (as an industry) and fighters are required to participate in order to obtain and maintain a pro license.

Which do you think is more flawed, mainstream media’s portrayal of porn performers or MMA fighters?

Probably porn performers. I think we are put into a single category from the beginning. Most know that fighters come from all sorts of backgrounds.

Which activity have you had the most medical expenses as a result of: motorcycle racing, MMA training, or porn?

Porn for sure.

MMA gyms are notorious for being unhygienic. Have you ever given ringworm or staph, or one of the many other skin diseases that plague many fight gyms, to a sex partner?

Lol, no I don't believe I have

click to enlarge Derrick Pierce & Adrianna Luna in 'Tuff Love' - Wicked Pictures
Wicked Pictures
Derrick Pierce & Adrianna Luna in 'Tuff Love'
  • Wicked Pictures
  • Derrick Pierce & Adrianna Luna in 'Tuff Love'

In your directorial début for Wicked Pictures, Tuff Love, your protagonist, played by Adrianna Luna, delves “into the seedy world of underground female smoker fights.” Why do so many films about MMA revolve around this mythologized realm of underground fighting? Is it a combination of factors: illegal gambling raises the stakes of each fight; these settings allow for more menacing characters; filming a fight scene in a “underground” arena is cheaper than filming an amateur MMA bout in a strip club parking lot?

It's a movie... It just makes things more dramatic and taboo. I doubt there is much more reason outside of that.

You’ve said that you have a fetish for Latina and Asian women. As a Mexican/Pilipino porn performer who has a few Muay Thai fights under her belt, is Adrianna Luna the sexiest woman on Earth to you?

She is definitely one of the most beautiful and strong women that I have even been around. She is an amazing woman.

  • Mariah Milano & Derrick Pierce

In the same way Kung Ku once informed all the fight scenes in mainstream films, now many fight scenes incorporate MMA moves. What are some of the major flaws with how Hollywood portrays these scenes: ungloved brawlers never break their hands; when a guy fully mounts his opponent on the street he never gets kicked in the face by the victim’s buddies; if you go for an arm-bar in a parking lot you will likely smash the back of your head against the concrete… ?

I have seen those things portrayed on film before. Maybe you should take in more movies from that genre.

You have marketed yourself as the “Bad Boy of Adult.” Are the signs of a “bad boy” really just indicators of increased testosterone levels: increased muscle mass, broad shoulders, square jaw, increased facial hair, baldness, and thrill seeking behavior such as fighting or motorcycle racing?

No and I don't think that is proven that all of those things can be attributed solely to increased levels of testosterone.

click to enlarge Derrick Pierce & Adrianna Luna at the AVN Awards - Shawn Alff
Shawn Alff
Derrick Pierce & Adrianna Luna at the AVN Awards
  • Shawn Alff
  • Derrick Pierce & Adrianna Luna at the AVN Awards

Various psychological studies have demonstrated that women are more attracted to less masculine faces during the majority of their menstrual cycle when they cannot conceive a child. However, they are more attracted to men who have the hallmarks of increased testosterone when they are ovulating. The best theory to explain this discrepancy is that biologically, human females want alpha males to father their children, while they want beta and omega males to raise them. In essence, women want to have affairs with bad boys while settling down with nice guys. Have you noticed this to be a problem in your life, that more women see you as a great potential fuck buddy as opposed to a boyfriend?

I don't agree, at least in my case.

Did being raised by a single mother who always brought around her attractive female friends give you an edge when it came to learning how to charm women at such a young age?

Sure. Practice makes perfect. If you want to understand women, then close your mouth and LISTEN.

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