Despite what Hollywood says, casual sex never leads to a happy ending

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The problem with the first category is that couples who start out as "just friends" or as "fuck buddies" rarely end up together, unless of course the woman "accidentally" gets pregnant, but this is a "happy ending" Hollywood generally avoids, minus Knocked Up, in which the male character changed (note: never going to happen in real life).

If a guy just wants a sexual relationship with you, he will never suddenly realize that he wants to marry you. The same is ten times true if he just wants to be your platonic friend, unless of course you undergo a complete transformation, as in childhood friends reconnecting as adults.

I compare this situation to drinking. When drinking, we strive to stay in that happy zone of buzzed and talkative. Unfortunately this balance can never be maintained. We either fall back into the ?sober and bored zone,? or we drink too much and tip into the, ?obnoxious and puky? zone.

The same is true in a "friends with benefits" relationship. Very rarely will fuck buddies, or even platonic friends, both suddenly realize they have romantic feelings for each other. One person usually lowers their standards in exchange for sex while the other person gives away sex in the hope of something more. Or, both partners start out just wanting sex, but the sex facilitates feelings that are not reciprocated. In the end, one person wants more while the other person wants things to stay the same. Feelings are hurt and the relationship is doomed.

So, if we know casual sex relationships never work for an extended period of time, why do we keep engaging in them? A bad falling out may be the price some are willing to pay for a sexual relationship, like a nasty hangover after a wild night of drinking. But, if you know that you are not interested in a "friends with benefits" situation, then you should only date people who are looking for something more from the beginning.

I spent this weekend in bed watching a buffet of bad movies on Netflix streaming. What we used to do on sick days before the Internet, I have no idea. Netflix even offers a category specifically for my sick days. It's called, “Quirky Independent Romantic Dramas with a Strong Female Lead.”

After going through a few, I started to notice that the title of the category should have been renamed, “Trite Romantic Comedies Where The Couple ALWAYS Ends up Together.”

I have since had to dig through Netflix in order to find movies more my speed—by which I mean movies that end tragically, like “The Puffy Chair” or “Wendy and Lucy.”

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