Dethroned beauty queen, Carrie Prejean’s, sex tape scandal (SFW video)

Prejean, 22, became a media sensation when representing California in the 2009 Miss USA contest. She answered Perez Hilton’s question about same sex marriage according to her Christian beliefs. While her answer may have lost her the crown, she quickly overshadowed the winner, whoever she was, and instantly became a poster girl for the conservative right.

[image-1]Prejean popped up again in the tabloids when semi-nude modeling photos of her emerged on The Pageant eventually stripped Prejean's title, citing a breach of contract and neglect of her pageant duties. Unofficially many speculate that Prejean was spending too much time campaigning against gay marriage.

A legal battle ensued with Prejean demanding over a million dollars from the Pageant. One of the Pageant's demands included Prejean repaying the $5,200 they paid for her breast implants. Prejean counter sued, saying that the Pageant invaded her privacy by exposing that her breasts weren’t real. The Pageant argued that she exposed this fact the moment she walked on stage for the swimsuit competition. Finally, all of this legal bickering was silenced by the sex tape.

While appearing on Fox to promote her new book, Still Standing (which is fittingly about how Prejean has dealt with gossip in the public eye) Prejean addressed the rumors of the sex tape. She admitted that it exists but made a point of saying that she made the video when she was a teen. She called it the biggest mistake of her life, claiming that she shot the video of herself alone for a long distance boyfriend who she loved at the time. TMZ claims the video is so racy that they will not release it, but no doubt countless websites will claim they have the real thing.

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Carrie Prejean is the latest tabloid queen, poised to gain ever more fame and fortune off her pubic indiscretions. The latest twist in this dethroned beauty queen’s saga comes in the form a “sex tape,” which lawyers for the Miss California USA Pageant unveiled in court against Prejean. The video was apparently so powerful that Prejean quickly settled for little more than what would cover her legal fees.

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