Diary of the unemployed housewife: Men and their toys

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During the twelve months it took me to plan our wedding, he did some planning and research of his own. What he failed to mention about his projection screen was that it would, a) be frigging expensive b) take up 8ft of my family room wall, and c) basically implant an IMAX theater in our cozy family room, complete with wall shaking surround sound. Hindsight is 20/20.

On our honeymoon (which is a whole separate blog entry, and not in the way you think) he was charming, lavishing me with jewelry and other luxuries. This seemed like curious behavior, even for my new husband on our honeymoon, but when we got home his motives became very clear. We were not home 24 hours before he was online purchasing the projector and heading to Home Depot to begin assembling the screen.

At this point what could I say? Nothing, that's right, not a damn thing as I sat there with my porpoise pendant souvenir, watching him assemble this project in our family room. To be fair, once the thing was assembled and we watched our first movie, I was definitely impressed. It also makes the perfect babysitter when the kiddos have sleepovers. However, I learned my lessons. Now when my husband expresses an interest in a potential purchase that is large enough he feels he must run it by me, I listen, ask questions, take detailed notes, run quantitative analysis, and above all DO NOT wave my hand and say "Yeah, Yeah..."

Leaving you with yet one more reason to ponder married life,

The Unemployed Housewife

There must be something in the XY chromosome that drives men to obsess over things like big screens, lazyboys, sports, cars, trucks... (insert random obsession here). I'm sure this compulsion doesn't affect ALL men, and there are definitely some outliers, but after being with my husband for almost nine years, I've noticed a disturbing purchase pattern start to emerge.

It all started right after our wedding... During the madness of planning our ceremony, my future husband tactfully informed me that he was interested in purchasing a projection TV. Being absolutely crazy with wedding plans and errands, I dismissed this with a wave of the hand. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's just get through this wedding chaos and you can get one afterward." Under no circumstance will I ever again just brush off one of my husband's ideas when it involves buying something like this, because now I know what will happen.

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