Diehard Hillary supporters refuse to give up the ghost - new ad promotes Clinton for 2012 (video)

This weekend, some people will go to Vegas, or the Hard Rock Seminole Cafe in Tampa, and easily blow $5K playing blackjack.  So consider this the equivalent in terms of what this dentist,  William DeJean, will ever get out of the satisfaction of spending money on this fantasy.

In the near year I've been at this job, at least three times in the past I've addressed the fantasies of diehard Hillary Clinton supporters who have never gotten over the fact that Barack Obama ran a smarter campaign and ultimately won more delegates in their spirited 2008 run for the Democratic nomination.

It's also been my contention that whether  the president was Obama, Clinton or John McCain, it would take a difficult three years before the economy might make any type of turnaround, so deeply wounded was our economy by the time the election rolled around.  I believed it would make for a rocky 2010 and might even create a 1980 situation in which the incumbent Democrat would be challenged for the nomination inside his own party.

Barack Obama took any chance of that happening off the table when he stunningly selected Clinton to be his Secretary of State, where she has been working her tail off dealing with all of the various situations going on in the world.

Despite her repeated denials, some of her fans, dispirited by the state of the nation, still are hoping against hope that she might quit her job before the 2012 election and run against her own administration in taking on the president.

Now a Chicago dentist has invested $5,000 to place this ad that will run in the Democrat-rich cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans encouraging Clinton to rip her party apart and take on Obama.  See the ad after the break:

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