Diggin' Through My Old Man's Vinyl (or: Amazing Rhythm Aces):

A while back I picked up their newest effort, Midnight Communion. While being underwhelmed by the CD, it did set me off on a nostalgic tangent, so I went and picked up their first two albums, 1975’s Stacked Deck and 1976’s Too Stuffed To Jump.

Featuring the crossover hits “Third Rate Romance” and “Amazing Grace (Used to Be Her Favorite Song)”, as well as the 1976 Country Vocalist Grammy Winning track, “The End Is Not in Sight (The Cowboy Tune)”, these two albums really spelled out the best of what the band had to offer, and having spent a few weeks with them now I am surprised at how well they have stood the test of time.

The band released three more critically acclaimed, yet largely ignored, albums before breaking up. Their first attempt to reunite was derailed by their drummer McDade’s death in 1984. Their second attempt, in the early '90s, resulted in the disappointing Chock Full of Country Goodness.

The current version of the band has been steadily releasing new music in the 2000s, but has largely failed to capture the magic those early albums had. Here are some of my favorite tracks from their first two releases:

Amazing Rhythm Aces - Typical American Boy

Amazing Rhythm Aces - Fool For The Woman

Amazing Rhythm Aces - The End Is Not In Sight (The Cowboy Tune)

Amazing Rhythm Aces - Third Rate Romance

Amazing Rhythm Aces - Amazing Grace (Used To Be Her Favorite Song)

Amazing Rhythm Aces - The Ella B

I came about my musical addiction naturally. When I was a young-un my parents had an extensive vinyl collection. I can remember weekend trips from Plant City into Tampa to buy a new record and long nights with my parents and their friends sitting around listening to music. Once I finally reached and age where I could be trusted, my father let me sift through the albums and play DJ on some of those nights.

One of the albums they had was The Amazing Rhythm Aces album Too Stuffed To Jump, and as a kid I loved this album — at the time not so much for its content as its cover:


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