Diplo to Deerhunter: a Czar Bar Bookend

Deerhunter, Atlanta's young four piece, post-rock Pitchfork darlings visited the Czar Bar Monday night.  A sweet juxtaposition from Friday's electro dance party, the band played an excellent set supported by Orlando's Summerbirds in the Cellar and Tampa's Giddy-up, Helicopter!.   Seeing Deerhunter is like going to check out your friend's little brother's band, only to find out that they're really, really good.  Throughout their 90 minute set, the band led the attentive crowd on a journey of their unique style, combining the rock sound reminiscent of late Nirvana (everyone plays a Fender) along with subtler, ambient noise rock in the vein of Sonic Youth.  One could easily mistake Deerhunter lead singer/guitarist Bradford Cox as a smack-addict.  He's skinny as hell, banters on about nonsense and is probably a genius - turns out he suffers from the genetic disorder known as Marfan syndrome.  After drummer Moses Archuleta's kick drum broke, Bradford Cox bantered on and managed to convince the crowd to watch the band on one of the screens to the side of the room for their next song, "Agoraphobia."  This all made for a trippy, surreal effect as the entire 200+ crowd was watching themselves watch the band in profile.

The most touching moment of the night though was when local fave's Giddy-up, Helicopter! played what could be their last song.  Drummer Ryann, a real-life human firecracker, broke down during the last song.  She's such a force, always playing her heart out; seeing her beat the hell out of kit with tears flowing was a wonderful moment.

Pictures by doubleHH

Friday night saw the return of Diplo - the DJ name of Thomas Wesley Printz - to Ybor's Czar Bar.  Friday nights are better known as Pulp the Party, an electro hip-hop party hosted by the Orlando based DJ Pauly Crush.  It's a quite the scene, though not your typical Ybor douche bag nightclub.  The Czar Bar has some style and every 30 minutes or so, it's open bar.  When you hear a horn and see the yellow sirens going off above the bar it's drink on them.

Diplo - who spent time at UCF and had the unfortunate duty of dating M.I.A. for awhile - took the stage just after 1 AM.  His 2+ hour set had the packed dancefloor in a non-stop, booty-shaking throw down.  Only a few cuts from Top Ranking , his 2008 release that prominently featured Santigold, were played.  Highlights from the night were a remix of the Beastie Boys' "So Watcha Want", a teasing of the melody from Santigold's killer track "Creator" and a remix of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes."

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