Dirty talk 201

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If you're talking dirty with your man in person, he already has a visual of you, but the conversation can still be descriptive. The focus just turns to what you want to do to each other.

[image-1]"Penetrate me deep and hard with your kisses." I love this line.  The use of penetration starts men think about what else they would like to penetrate you with.  You're also giving yourself the ability to use references to kissing, fingering, or actual intercourse.  Kissing keeps the conversation PG-13, fingering takes your dirty talk to an R, and intercourse reaches the XXX rating we all hope for.

It's time to start taking it off.

"I want you to move your hands down the front of my blouse and unbutton me, your palms roaming my breasts. I want to rip off your shirt and press hard against your pants.  Take your time.  Enjoy the curves of my breasts as you slip your hands inside my shirt and slip it off my arms.  Feel the heat from my body as you feel your way to my skirt, inching it down until I stand in front of you in nothing but my satin bra and panties and heels.  Run your mouth down my neckline, toward my breasts.  Bite me through my bra, tease my nipple.  Let your hands slip down to my hips.  Trace the outline of my panties with your tongue.  Go ahead kiss it, right there through my panties.  I know you can feel the heat an excitement I have for you just from that kiss.  Are my panties wet?  I thought so.  I like that you can do that to me.  Your touch, breath, closeness all makes my body feel on fire.  I HAVE to feel you inside of me."

Whether your talking to your guy on the phone or if you're there together, these types of descriptions can help with sexual arousal.  The more you practice, the easier it will be.  It will also be easier to get more aggressive with your conversation and vocabulary.

Dirty talk 301 to follow on Tuesday, the XXX call; Lots of fuck, cock and cunt so be prepared.

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Hopefully you've mastered the lessons from Dirty Talk 101, and are ready for some more advanced word play in Dirty Talk 201.

Men are very visual creatures who have overactive imaginations when it comes to sex. A man once told me his imagination was so good he could switch hands and swear he was with sisters. Nice! A true 2-for-none special. To activate your man's sexual imagination, detailed description and sexual imagery is extremely important.

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