Disgraced pastor, Ted Haggard, to appear in 'Christian sex comedy' (video)

Employing a business model that is catching on, the two are appealing to their fan base to raise the $2 million needed to produce their Christian sex comedy, "The Waiting Game."

To entice investors and to build an audience, Praytor and Martinez have put together a trailer for "The Waiting Game." Among other things, the film features Kirk Cameron's sister, Candace Cameron, who you may remember as DJ from Full House. Praytor and Martinez also managed to get a cameo from former Colorado Springs evangelical pastor, Ted Haggard, who was caught having a sexual relationship with a gay male escort. Haggard pops out at a coffee shop to warn the main character about the dangers of doing whatever you feel like when it comes to sex.

Raising $2 million shouldn't be hard for Praytor and Martinez. Their trailer is already better than the entirety of Fireproof. The fact that the film revolves around the fetishism of abstinence will not win it any mainstream or critical acclaim. If nothing else, it's good to see that Christians have a sense of humor. The film pokes fun at several Christian stereotypes, including the woman who sings choir songs in the car then goes insane with almighty road rage.

See the trailer below and read more at gazette.com.

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Ted Haggard in The Waiting Game
  • Ted Haggard in "The Waiting Game"

Hollywood could learn a thing or two from the business savvy of Christian filmmakers. The 2008 film, FireProof, was produced for $500,000 and raked in over $33 million despite its limited release, a lack of marketing, and a script that featured Kirk Cameron repeatedly beating a trashcan with a baseball bat to relieve marital stress. Now if only more Christian films could take a few hints from Hollywood and actually hire people who know a thing or two about entertainment.

Enter Rich Praytor and Emilio Martinez. These former stand-up comics became religious filmmakers after growing disenfranchised with their superficial and promiscuous lives in LA.

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