Does the road to rationing start with women?

Seems like it is just a matter of time before insurance companies can use recommendations like this one to justify not paying for preventative health care (something the government promotes with it's proposed new tax.....I mean health care "reform".) Starting with such a big issue for women probably wasn't the brightest thing the government could do. Note to big government: According to this article more women have voted in recent elections than men.

Their timing could not have been worse for those touting government run health care. And I guess it could not have been better for those that think the government should leave the decision making to doctors.  After all, shouldn't we be saving the ta-tas at any cost?

Oh, and on the heels of that came these new guidelines about pap smears (again recommending fewer and waiting longer to start them.) That was done by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists though,  so I have more faith in that one than a government task force. I suspect they at least used practicing clinicians.

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For those of you that think we are not on a road to rationing with a government run health care program then please explain this recent study on breast cancer screenings (done by a government task force) uh-huh. What, no Boob Czar yet? The government group recommends waiting longer to start getting mammograms and more time in between each one. Even some big name liberals are having a hairy about what this study suggests. And the American Cancer Society doesn't agree either! Is it disturbing to anyone else that according to this article the task force did not include any oncologists or radiologists that examine mammogram or biopsy results? WTF?

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