Don't say you miss me

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Like most women, I have a collection of men who are the ?one that got away.? These failed relationships often result from a case of bad timing, location issues, or a difference in maturity levels. However, in every one of these cases the guy seems set on keeping a flicker of our mutual attraction alive by occasionally mentioning how much he misses me. Do not get me wrong. I am all about rom-com-style proclamations of love, but such statements must be backed up with action in order for them to mean anything.

Stating that you miss someone is fine. Stating it all the time, while seeing someone else, is not. In the end it is your gut that makes most decisions in life. If your gut feels like you should have given the relationship an honest try and you want to, then do it. Torturing another person by constantly reminding them of your feelings is just rude. If you really ?miss" someone then reach out in a real way. Break up with your girlfriend and ask out your lost love. Find a job in the city where your "missed connection" lives. If you are not willing to back up your proclamations of affection with action, then do not open your mouth. Keep those feelings to yourself. Otherwise, all you are doing is keeping women on the line as a backup plan. That, or you just need to be reminded that you have options.

Simply put, go get your damn boom-box and show up on my lawn blasting "Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. Otherwise keep the emotional texting, mind-fuck to yourself.

Recently I caught myself screaming in the car loud enough for the driver next to me to take notice. I had just received a text message that read, “I miss you.” This is becoming a disturbing trend in my love life, or lack thereof. I have at least four men in my life who like to randomly remind me how much they miss me, dream about me, or wish things could have worked out between us. Of course the only thing they seem capable of doing about their feelings is texting me.

I asked a few of my lady friends and found that I am not alone in receiving these infuriating messages. I do not know why men feel the need to stir up old feelings without having the balls to back up such statements, but it is seriously starting to piss me off.

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