Don't worry, Vitamin D is on the way. Supposedly.

click to enlarge Away with you, storms. -
Away with you, storms.

For about two weeks now, the heavens have been unleashing near-constant rains in volumes that would make even Portlandians mope (or at least more than they usually do).

The record rainfall and flooding has put everyone's commutes, routines and plans out of whack. 

A long-term lack of real sunshine is effing depressing. Those of us who have weathered our fair share of northern winters with seasonal affective disorder are not amused.

In short, this sucks.

But fear not.

Our friends at The Weather Underground say it could be sunny for most of the day as early as Wednesday.

Forecasters are predicting a mostly clear day with a few afternoon thunderstorms, which are of course to be expected this year. Same goes for Thursday.

The sucky news?

Chances of rain will be higher going into the weekend, when everyone will actually be able to get some beach time.

So come Wednesday, assuming nothing changes, you may want to go out and soak up all you can.

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