Dream Momma: A feral cat dream

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I'm in an old house. An old woman, that I somehow know, tells me a cat has been attacked by a wild animal and will die. I rush to see and the cat has no hind legs and only half a face but is eating aggressively and balancing well on two front paws. It is a big black feral cat. I yell to the old woman to call the vet and think the cat will be put to sleep then think no, it is eating too well. I try to figure out how to get the cat to the vet without hurting it anymore.

Congratulations Dreamer, you've met the Crone. The Crone is a powerful archetype that is wise and knowing and can dispense all kinds of good stuff if you're willing to listen. Now, the cat.  I'm going to talk about two types of cats. One is the black cat, not the black cats of witches and goblins, but the black cat of good luck.  If there is one in the house it signals the safe return of a seafaring husband.  The other black cat is called the Blackberry  Cat; a cat that was born on or about Christmas. 

So we can look at your dream two ways. Since the cat has been ravaged but still surviving I wonder about the state of your marriage or significant relationship. Has it taken a beating? Have you "lost face" in it?  Are you off-balance about something that happened?  Is your partner aggressive? If the answer is "YES" then fear no more; the Crone has assured you you will survive.  Now, your question, my lucky survivor, is, "Do you still want in?" OR, do you want to take your wild and passionate heart somewhere else?

As I write, I doubt this is about a broken Blackberry so forgetabouit.

Dream Momma

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