Dream Momma says go from schoolgirl to femme fatale

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ambition. I say that because according to you, “he has a few degrees from university.”  He also has a "well-established job." Most people are satisfied with just one degree and are barely working when pursuing it.

So, what does that mean to you?  This is one of those good news/bad news answers. I’ll give you the bad news first. Judging from your letter, you are young and inexperienced. I’m guessing you have a wild, schoolgirl crush on this person. He is clearly out of your league but here’s the good news: In dreams, people are often symbols. In your dream, he is a living and breathing symbol of what you can become. Use this dream to inspire yourself to advance your education, get started on a career, see and learn more of the world, while suffering the pains of growing up, as a guide to what YOU can become.  Along the way, transform yourself from a schoolgirl to a femme fatale. That way, guys you meet will be dreaming about you with longing and desire, not the other way around.

Dream Momma

“Dear Dream Momma, I have a big crush on this guy I know. In my dream last night he said hi and seemed really happy to see me and his face and eyes glowed with this happy warmth. I said hi and I could feel inside I was screaming with excitement but wanted to play it cool. We went to this wooded picnic table and sat down on the same seat. I noticed I was a little close to him so I scooted over some closer to the edge on the left but he scooted closer to me. He asked me how I was and I could feel myself blush. I said I was okay and asked him. He said how he was doing okay but he felt bad cause he took some time off of college because his wife and daughter were very sick and he wanted to take care of them and spend time with them. I remember feeling like I was going to cry and I could feel all his love and concern for the wife and daughter and I remember seeing a gold wedding ring on his finger. The weird thing is in real life he's single and he has a few degrees from university and has a well established job he's been working at for a few years now. Why is he married in the dream?”

The short answer is, because he is married. Married to something else, and I suspect it’s

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