Dream of an AA meeting

Dear Dream Momma, I dreamed I was at a Girlfriend's meeting in an auditorium and my seat # was AA. I checked the row but all the seats were taken. They started to serve lunch from the stage and would not give me one unless I was in my seat. The 2 servers did not believe me, but handed me a lunchbox anyway and pointed toward the exit.

Dreamer, it's clear you're invested in alcoholics and/or addicts. Here are the key indicators of why I believe that. Girlfriend is capitalized (Emphasis on alcoholic person), seat # was AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), all the seats were taken (no room for you/you don't belong).

The next part of the dream is about how you have been nurtured somehow by your investment in the world of addiction, (serving lunch).

Finally, and here's the good news; the two servers (who could they  be?) did not believe you (Ta-Da!), yet handed you a lunchbox anyway and pointed you towards the exit.  (The servers knew you didn't belong in/around AA but fed you anyway {last supper?}, then said, "go, find your rightful place").

So Dreamer, what is your rightful place?  More importantly, when you find it, can you invest in it as much as you've invested in the world of alcoholics/addicts?  I bet you can!  Good. Luck.

Dream Momma

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