Dream of Phelps and Obama

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Symbolically, eating represents man’s most primal activity (survival) and is definitely matter over mind. The fact that the turkey is smoked can either mean protection or blindness to truth (the bong incident notwithstanding). I’m guessing blindness, as it is a turkey they are consuming, a symbol of male pride and a creature most likely to get beheaded, especially this time of year. Eating together implies a mutual celebration, and they both have a lot to celebrate.

So, dear dreamer, there you have it. Connect the dots, make of it what you will, and have a great Bird Day.

Dream Momma

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“Dream Momma, One morning I had a dream about Phelps in the pool with Obama and they were eating smoked turkey.” (sic)

Dream Momma understands why they were together in a pool “swimming” in the limelight. They have a lot on common.

For example, in no particular order:

They are both winners.

They broke records.

They are both known to be very focused.

They are top competitors.

Both wrote memoirs.

They were two of GQ's Men of the Year and graced the GQ magazine cover together (along with Jon Hamm and DiCaprio).

Both came from broken homes and were raised by single moms.

They were selected by Barbara Walters as two of the top ten most fascinating individuals in 2008.

It was rumored that Phelps would be Obama's running mate.

Almost hosted SNL together (Obama had to cancel because of Hurricane Ike (guest appearance).

They are both described as “incredibly invested” in the people they care about.

Dream Momma suspects that once one gets the full glare of the media one must eat a lot of smoked turkey.

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