Dreaming of a dancing stone foot

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There’s no nice or easy way to say this but Dream Momma suspects, along with you, that your husband is an alcoholic. Alcoholism is symbolized in the dream by the restless big stone foot. It is not uncommon to say that a perceived burden is “a millstone around the neck.” Addiction is a burden to be sure. The fact that it is a restless foot speaks to the nature of a physical addiction. Addicts are always restless (unless they’re on a heroin nod), itchy, looking for the next chemical thing to feed the beast. Sounds like a junkie? Yes, there’s little difference, as alcoholics are wet junkies, make no mistake about it.

There is another, very compelling reason Dream Momma believe this. In Chicago she had many alcoholic clients -- high-functioning guys that fancied themselves collectors or experts on booze. In their delusional thinking, it was a great cover for their addiction. That’s how they justified their expense, preoccupation, and investment in alcohol. To address that denial, Dream Momma says this: That alcoholism is often called “the secret that everyone knows.” You, my dear dreamer do know. Now the tough part is to not smile or chuckle but honor your gut and start educating yourself.

Dream Momma

“Dream Momma, I wanted to send you this dream to give you a smile. My husband told me yesterday morning that he had dreamed of a big stone foot that was possessed - and it was forced to tap-dance all over the place. He has just taken up a part-time corporate contract after being on sabbatical (to complete his Master of Commerce in Wine Management, his passion) in order to get some income to fund the set up of his new wine business. I'm not sure exactly how his situation connects to the dream symbol but my intuition says that it certainly does!”

Yikes! I’m not even smirking, much less smiling, and I fear you won’t be either when I tell you what I believe his dream means. Now, I usually don't touch a dream sent by someone other than the dreamer, but my keen intuition tells me to make an exception here. I suspect it’s because you, the observer, are cloaking your fears in this pseudo-give-you-a-smile way. Why would you want Dream Momma to smile? I suspect deep down you don’t. What you want is for Dream Momma to soothe your fears and make you smile. Wish I could but that (playing mind games) is not my style. So, are you ready? If not click delete … or steel yourself for a bitter pill.

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