Dreaming of a dragon under a dock

“Dear Dream Momma, My Dream starts out with me on a dock behind my mothers house. I see people floating on rafts in the lake behind her house. Each one of them were sitting Indian style and meditating using their mid to control the movement and direction of the raft. I thought to myself, "wow how cool! I would like to try that." So next i am floating on a raft doing the same and getting real good at it too. Then my attention is drawn to movement under the water. It appears as thought there are large fish or serpents swimming in the lake under my raft. So I disembark from the raft and get back on the docks. Then I see what appears to be a serpent fly up out of the water into the sky accept its not a serpent at all it is a purple and green white furry dragon. It does a couple somersaults in the air and then dives down under the docks I am standing on. So I follow the dragon under the dock. I looks at me surprised and speaks to me saying," WOW not very many people can see me and I am surprised that you found me." I ask him what he is doing down here under the dock and he says,” I am guarding the doorway to the other side. The door is open and through it i can see bright vibrant colors, beautiful gardens, unicorns, fairies and trolls. I feel overcome by love coming through the door. I said may I please go through the door to the other side, and he responds with,"No you are not ready yet. You have much still to do up there on earth and besides wouldn't you rather walk through that doorway one day with you husband." I replied,"YES that would be GREAT." Then magicaly all of a sudden the dragon had vanished and I was no longer under the dock looking at a doorway. I was in a mall at a cashiers checkout counter purchasing something.”

Dream Momma really loves these escape dreams of the fantastical. She receives many of them. It is no wonder, as the wish to escape what is going on in the world (especially in the Gulf of Mexico) is just too much of a downer. What’s a psyche to do?

Well, this psyche who has somehow displeased her mother (put behind the door) as a child, has chose to float off to sea on a raft but, initially for her, it was fraught, like the Gulf,  with underwater dangers. As the dreamer’s regression continues her dream becomes more child-like (purple and green white furry dragon) and she becomes fearless as only a true adventurous child can become. She joins the underwater dragon and enters a world of unicorns, fairies, and trolls. Love appears (now we really know this is a dream) and our dreamer, being a good little girl, put her personal growth on hold and agrees to wait for her yet to appear husband before entering paradise. Yikes! Where did she learn that from? This is a good time to tell this dreamer that she didn't do anything wrong, she doesn't need a man to grow, and she was just a kid trying to please her male-dependent mom.

Note as soon as our dreamer complies she’s back to her dreary reality (in a checkout line in a mall-UGH). Dream Momma would like this dreamer to say to the dragon (her big-thumb inner parent) that refuses her entry into a better world, "F—k Off! I'm going through that door! Like the Miller Brothers say in their book, “Either You’re In or You’re in the Way.”  It’s time to get out of the way of yourself. I repeat, you didn't do anything wrong.

Dream Momma

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Watch for the book, The Dream belongs to the Dreamer, Winter, 2010



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