Dreaming of a roomful of cats

something in your shadow self  (The part of you that you're are ashamed or fearful of). Something your conscious mind or ego doesn't want let out of the bag (I couldn't resist that).  The fact that you wake up, heart pounding, indicates it is something BIG and something scary to you.  The fact that the room pulsates with red/orange color indicates a lot of heat.

Dream Momma wonders if it about sex since cats do symbolize sexuality, hot sexuality. If that's true then your sexual self is crying to be free. Free to explore and express herself. Once you learn what there is about your sexuality you are afraid of, you're half way home. Dream Momma suspects that for you, your sexuality is too hot to handle and needs to be locked up. Until you find an answer and a way to trust yourself those annoying dreams will keep occurring, as they are a plea for you to open that door and act upon what you discover.  You deserve a full life.

Dream Momma

"Hi Dream Momma, I'm a FSU student in St. Pete. I've been having this annoying dream on and off for about a month. In the dream I'm in a house and I hear a bunch of cats meowing. I look all over but cannot find them. The meowing gets lounder and louder and I get more and more upset. Suddenly I see a door with a strange light coming from under it. The light is reddish-orange and seems to throb like the old disco lights. The meowing is really loud now and I realize it's coming from the room behind the door. I'm afraid but I can't stand the meowing and think if I open the door they will stop. Just as I turn the handle I wake up and my heart is pounding. I don't own a cat, don't really like cats, and don't understand why they are in my dreams. Can you help me?" (sic)

Dream Momma has a pretty good idea of what this dream is about. She has heard a dream like this before. Now, we all know the dream belongs to the dreamer (so let's not confuse the two dreams) but it is safe to say your dream is not about cats locked in a room. It is about something that cats symbolize that your conscious mind won't release. Dream Momma wants you to think about a cat as  representing

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