Dreaming of a teeter totter

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In the dream you seem to be in the manic phase (high on the teeter totter feeling good-upbeat) and your counterpart, or should I say counter-weight is the depressive phase. The phase where you just sit like a lump unable to move or act. It’s a horrible place to be but far less dangerous than the manic, often self-destructive, phase. You see your family because in your case it is probably genetic in nature. Think about your Grandfather, try to remember what he was like.

Crashing in the dirt is your reality hit. It is when you get grounded and are able to write Dream Momma and begin your work on this inherited problem. The good news is it can easily be treated by a competent shrink. Note the word "competent."

Dream Momma

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“Dream Momma, In my dream I am on a teeter totter. There is someone who I don’t know on the other end who is heavier than me.  I spend a lot of time in the air becuz whoever that someone is, just keeps sitting there not really doing anything. When I’m in the air I feel really good, upbeat. I can look up and see my family and I think my gramps. People are streaming down from the sky and fading off into the distance.  When he or she gets off I come crashing down, my face in the dirt. The dirt has no taste to it.  I hear laughter just before I wake up.” (sic)

Ah, the laughter of the gods as we mere mortals struggle with our inner conflicts. Dream Momma is going to be bold and suggest you may be suffering from a bi-polar disorder.

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