Dreaming of an identity crisis

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That is the question the dream raises. Are you an infant, an elder, a patient, or a caregiver?  This identity crisis is symbolized by the variety of clothing depicted in the dream.

As to it being a dream of death DM says yes, after a fashion. Since everything in a dream is symbolic then the death would be symbolic too. In other words, once one sheds their old identity to step into a new one, a petite morte (little death) occurs.

DM suggests you being a serious quest to find yourself. Discover your guiding principles. It’s really important and all, in the final analysis (grande morte), we all can truly claim as our own.

Dream Momma

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Watch for the book, The Dream belongs to the Dreamer, Winter, 2010

“Dream Momma, Had an interesting dream.  I was in a large place , with several rooms something like a hospital and all the clients wore a gown similar to a honney but it cover you better and it opened like a coat in front.  We stayed in a big room lots of beds but they were sort of not visable except when you were in one. You could walk around and I remember wanting to brush my teeth.  It seemed like it was a place that I was there just for an overnight and yet it was kind of timeless. At one time my johnney was too tight when I slept in it and I received  a larger  and heavier like jacket.

All the people were women and in the end when I was about to go home a women came in with a baby. I think it was a girl baby. We clients did not talk to one another but we knew everyone was kind.  The women nurse type people were kind too but they were almost invisable. When it was time to leave the women were getting something like a shirt, that they knew were theirs when they came in and it said they could go.  When I could not find mine I asked one of the nurse type women and she looked in a smaller pile and said mine was there but there was a problem and to wait a minute.

Then I woke up.....When I did wake up and thought about it  I wondered if it was a dream of a comming death.  Now it did and does not disturb me ,  there was nothing unpleasant about it all.  ....What do you make of this dream.” (sic)

Dream Momma couldn’t help thinking of the life cycle of a community of women and how important that must be to this dreamer. The dream is full of caregivers and life cycles. Babies through elders. It is also a dream about self-identity. Just where do you fit in the community of women? 

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