Dreaming of Avatar blue

Dorothy’s shoes in a color other than red? Could they possibly be yellow (God forbid it may look like pee). Blue would not work either, too cool or sad. Green? Perhaps she could grow Brussels sprouts on them if green. Do you get where I’m going? They could be no other color than red to be an effective symbol of Dorothy’s passion to go back to the home and people she loves. Perhaps your red dreams as a child reflected how you felt about life back then. Were you passionate, excited and full of love? Most healthy kids are.

Now it’s blue. The color of cool, of sadness, of the sea. You’re a big girl now and it sounds like you’ve lost  the passionate nature of your childhood. What was it about Avatar that triggered your dreams of blue? It’s such an idealized, romantic, escapist film. Where are you in those departments? Have you had your grown-up reality hits yet?  How’s your love life? The big question, do you want to escape but can’t?  Dream Momma is getting a lot of those dreams lately. She is glad her youthful days, fraught with angst and wild ways, are behind her.

So Blue Dreamer, make a list of my questions, dig beyond the obvious answers. If you say, “I don’t know,” that’s denial. Go get the truth Blue Dream, it will set you free.

Dream Momma

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“Dream Momma, ever since I saw Avatar I’m dreaming in blue. When I was a little girl I dreamed in red after seeing The Wizard of Oz.  What do colors in dreams mean and why am I dreaming in blue now. I’m not a little girl anymore. Can you help me figure things out?” (sic)

Yes, Dream Momma can. First, let’s look at colors. They are uber important and under appreciated as part of dream symbols by most. You mention Oz — can you imagine

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