Dreaming of dogs in the bathtub

There are two 5's. Five is Mother Nature’s favorite number. It appears often in flower petals and is the number of essential landscapes, mountains, woods, rivers, lakes, and hills. The two greyhounds represent the duality in all things natural.

On to the hounds. In the dream you are surrounded by dogs (another form of nature) and dogs also represent dual natures. They are tame, yet wild.  We treat them like children but they are animals.

No wonder you’re depressed. You’ve blocked out your wild side and neglected your dual nature. You’re having an inner conflict that can’t be won until you learn to howl at the moon and start biting back. Go at it wolf-girl, you’re eighteen. If not now -- when?

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“Hi Dream Momma,  I am an 18 year old girl and a student at USF. I have been feeling depressed lately and maybe that has to do with my dream.In my dream, I am at a friend's house from work but it is really my old house that I moved out of 5 years ago. They are making fun of my breast size and passing my bras to each other. I am embarrassed so I go to the bathroom. On my way there, I keep touching the walls and looking at everything. As I am going downstairs, a dog comes up and I start petting him. He starts to jump on me and lick me. Then about 5 puppies walk by and look at me. Then another dog starts pulling at my jeans and play-biting me. I try to walk away from him but he keeps pulling me back. He is all over me. I was anxious to go to the bathroom to get away from the dogs, but there was no door to separate me from the dogs. Then I saw two dogs in the bathtub. When I turned around, two greyhounds swam over to me. Somehow I end up in water and the 2 greyhounds and the dog that was play-biting me are drowning me. Then I wake up.” (sic)

This is an interesting dream. It is full of symbolic animals and numbers. ?Let’s do numbers first.

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