Dreaming of falling

it tells a more interesting story. A story of someone who as a child was allowed to daydream and felt secure because of the brightly colored rope. A rope that represents a connection to a colorful (character) person who offered the child both freedom and security (Sweet!) but is no longer there. Dream Momma guesses this person died or left while our dreamer was not yet a teen. Now, whenever our dreamer reaches upwards either emotionally (towards joy) or psychologically (towards achievement) something yanks him/her down to earth.

Dream Momma has learned after 25 years of listening that we all need an inner blankie. Someone or something that gives us a sense of security. Sadly, if there’s only an outer blankie that didn’t get internalized, life can be fearful indeed. Our flying dreamer has lost that sense of security so instead of a soft landing when life sends its myriad blows,  there is a hard landing. It is now fearful for this dreamer to jump too high (be joyful) or get too ambitious (strive for the next level of whatever) and crash lands instead (the cushion is gone).

Dream Momma suggests to this dreamer that he or she start immediately being very, very, self-nurturing for at least a year. Get involved in meditation and yoga. Sleep a lot. This will help cultivate an “inner blankie,” something to hang onto while frightened.  Once that occurs then Dream Momma suggests facing any remaining fears with a cavalier attitude, as fears are something created to “do battle with a future that has yet to arrive” (unknown)  thus squandering the present. The present is all we truly have.

Dream Momma


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Watch for the book, The Dream belongs to the Dreamer, Winter, 2010

“I am 29 years old and ever since I can remember I have had the same dream over and over in almost the same fashion.?When I was younger I would dream that I was flying over the earth with a bright rope tied to my waist. Then for no reason the rope would break and I started flying away from the earth. I got scared and grabbed the bright rope and pulled myself back toward the earth.??But now as I am older I find myself running in my dreams and when I jump I start flying high up into the air. Then I start falling back down to the earth. This will happen a couple times in my dream until I get so scared because I know it will hurt when I hit the ground. It seems so real. I am so scared I wake myself up and my heart is racing and I am almost in tears. Why is this happening to me and what does this mean?” (sic)

It is happening over and over again because you are either not getting it  (dreams nag until the dreamer makes the fundamental change necessary for psychological balance and/or healing); or it’s possible your body chemistry is out of whack.

Dream Momma prefers the former because

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