Dreaming of mom on a merry-go-round

they have no humanity to give. No nurturing. She is covered in diamonds which indicates her value system and what she traded down to. They went ahead because they in fact have gone ahead without you on a merry-go-round of jealousy. Be grateful for that. There is really nothing there for you and on some level you know it. It’s your dream.

You also have Dream Momma’s complete empathy for being in a family that’s from the stone ages. How truly dull they must be and it sounds like all that money didn’t brighten them up any.

You don’t say anything about your husband or the father of your child but I would have a serious talk with him and walk, no run, as far away from the cavemen clan you were unfortunate enough to be born into. Here's why: Despite your mother and sister, the men in the family will make a prince out of your son and then he will carry their low-functioning banner. I can just see it now. A caveman with a club dragging a woman across its surface. UGH! Your child deserves a better future than that.

Dream Momma

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“Dear Dream Momma, I’m from an old fashioned family that values boys not girls and my grandfather on my dad’s side is rich.  I’m a girl. Last year I had a baby boy, the first in the family, while my sister had a girl. My mother, who is very beautiful, had only girls. I know things are different now but can’t figure out how. Last week I had a dream that I was walking with my little boy (although he is too young to really walk well in the dream he walked fine) and my mother and my sister. We were at some type of carnival. After I bent down to tie my little boy’s shoelaces I looked up to see my mother and sister way ahead of us getting on the merry-go-round. I ran to catch up and was really upset to see my mom riding the merry-go-round in a gorgeous silk suit and covered with diamonds. I was upset because she was a skeleton, laughing wildly. Then I woke up.” (sic)

I’d be upset too if my mom had sold her humanity out then abandoned me because I did something she couldn’t. That’s what this dream is about.  When mothers have no flesh on their bones in a dream it means

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