Dreaming of murdered twins

two opposites which to an end, have a complementary function, especially two brothers. What your symbolic twins are asking you in your dream is why you have psychologically killed off all this good stuff?  You are the murderer, or rather, your childhood introjects in the form of beliefs, values, (ergo self-esteem and a Jungian sense of Self) are the killers. Remember a repetitive dream is your best friend nagging you to get with it and act on that knowledge. Trust it.

Finally we have the famous London princes in the tower, an interesting read on uncle-cide.

The good news is its 2010 and you have the power to restore your power and get all that good stuff back if you're willing to work on it.

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"dream momma, I have an interesting dream for you - perhaps interesting LOL. Ive been having a recurring dream for a very long time. It consists of twin boys who were murdered in my dream and they come back to ask me to find out who did it. Every time i dream it i get that much closer, if i get too close to figuring it out i wake up). What do you think??" (sic)

Dream Momma is very intrigued by this dream as she believes it is archetypal to the max. For this reason she's going to respond from the great god archetype, Osiris, et al. O was the god of life and death, night and day, Lord of the Double Lions (which are usually represented back to back). Then of course, there is Dioscuri, the Celestial Twins who ride to the rescue of sailors in distress. Not in the least are the winged twins, sons of Boreas, a common (but apparently hot) earthling. Their names were Calais and Zetes, who according to Ovid,  joined the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece.  Is this interesting enough for you dear dreamer?

Now, back to earth. Twins symbolize

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