Dreaming of plan de Paris

If we look at the last sentence archetypally we can imagine you not feeling very good about yourself right now. So, if the question isn’t lame (and it isn’t) then what is? Do you fear being unable to physically enjoy your retirement when it comes? Is this the dreams way of warning you to exercise more so you don’t really become lame later on? I don’t know but I do raise the question for your consideration. What is lame?

Meanwhile. Live your “plan de Paris.” Do something, even one little thing, to move forward. For example, if you don’t speak French learn one word every day. Finally, Dream Momma also suggests you splurge on some sexy French perfume. John would like that.

Dream Momma

Dream Momma, In my dream my daughter Helen was living in Paris and my friend John and I went to visit her.  We went to a concert in someone's home where John and I sat on the balcony to hear the music.  The next day I called the hostess to ask her a question, but by the time she got to the phone I forgot what I wanted to ask.  Instead I asked in which arrondisement she lived — I told her I wanted to look it up in my 'plan de Paris.'   I felt very stupid asking such a lame question.

This dream is about aging. Sitting somewhere special to hear the music, forgetting the question, the plan de Paris that I suspect, is a plan for retirement.

Unsure what the last sentence is about, as the question doesn’t appear to be “lame.”

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