Dreaming of pulling out teeth

they stop occurring when you get it. So, you need to get it. Get what, you ask? Well, let's figure it out. Understanding that everything in the dream is symbolic, then the big question is what part of your psyche are you mutilating so cavalierly?   What do teeth, bottom teeth represent to you? Think and be spontaneous in your answer.

Now, archetypally, teeth represent power, sexual energy. DM wonders if you do drugs, pot. Something that takes away from your sexual energy. She wonders if you self-sabotage, thinking that later somehow you'll fix things. You're smart to worry that the tooth won't stay in because someday it won't. You sound young, too young to be popping Viagra.

Your work is to pay attention to these repetitive dreams and make the necessary changes to become and stay emotionally healthy. Good luck.

Dream Momma

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Watch for the book, The Dream belongs to the Dreamer, Winter, 2010

“OK. So I have a recurring dream that I can pull some of my bottom teeth out and then put them back in. So, last night when that thought came in my head as I was dreaming, I remember thinking, oh yeah, that only happens in dreams. Let me check it out. So I did, pulled one of my bottom teeth out and put it back…always worried that it won’t stay in though. Weird.” (sic)

Dream Momma needs to remind you that reoccurring dreams are important. They are like your mom nagging you to put your scarf on in the winter. The good news is

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