Dreaming of squirming children

After that ask yourself what your fears are about visiting her because this is a scary dream, and the dream (being your best buddy) is asking you to look at something very real about your relationship with her.

The tiny live squirming children reminded Dream Momma of a litter of kittens or puppies. Remember how they all squirmed to nurse?

Is that what this estrangement is about? Is it about the lack of nurturing you got as a child? Were there too many brothers and sisters to compete with?

Think about all of this and try to make some peace within yourself before you make that trip.

Dream Momma

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“Dream Momma, I’m going to visit my mother in California soon. I haven’t seen her in quite a while and she has never seen my little boy. Last night I dreamed my mother was wearing an old fashioned apron, the kind with pockets along the front and with a weird kind of grin on her face she shows me the pockets and they are filled with tiny, live squirming children.  It really freaked me out.”

Your little boy … not your baby. Hmmm. Dream Momma smells estrangement. Aprons usually mean domesticity and of course being in someone’s pocket means you are indebted to that person. Ask yourself what it meant to be in mom’s pocket as a child.

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