Dreaming of twisted tree branches

“Dream Momma, Last night I dreamt I was in forest covered in snow and next to a wide stream. There were strangers all around (almost like a tourist attraction, but not really). I was with a few people that I did know. Down by the stream in/on a small tree I found three pair of metal scissors and I wondered why they were there. Then I noticed across the way there was a large tree that had it's branches twisted in such a way that it was shape like the three scissors. I held the scissors up one at a time in the air to see that the branches were the exact same shape as the scissors just on a larger scale, in my dream I was perplexed and was wondering why it was and if something was trying to tell me something.?I am so baffled! I would REALLY appreciate any insight you could give me.”

Dream Momma will try. First, judging from the tone of your letter I believe you are a young woman. A young woman who has been asleep (in the snow) and who is ready for her life journey (next to a wide stream). The tree represents your family and I’m guessing you and your sibs (three?) all need to cut the ties (scissors) and move on. The twisted branches of the tree is not a good sign, it may indicate the need of the tree (family) to keep you tangled in their energy and not answering your unique life's call. Just remember Kilbran’s line, “…children are life’s longing for itself.” You must answer  and find the life that is just right for you.

Dream Momma

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