Dreams: The meaning of mice

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"Hi Dream Momma,  I dreamed I was visiting my aunt, uncle and cousins as a child.  In their kitchen there was a hole at the baseboard and I could see little mice thru it. I was scared until I realized they were afraid of me and not coming out."

Hmmm, mice. Hmmm, family. This dream is a little sketchy but here goes. First, I'm assuming the dreamer is an adult but in the dream he/she is a child again.  Often. something going on in real time echoes an unconscious  memory that pops up as a dream.  Symbolically, mice mean disease, proliferation, and quietness.  So, my first question is; does this family have any hidden (baseboard) illnesses that are genetic (family) in nature?  

Next we have fear.  Why are the mice afraid of the dreamer?  What power does the dreamer possess?Does the dreamer have "cat energy?" Remember, we're not talking about real mice, but symbolic mice that may represent a genetic family illness. To get even trickier the illness can be symbolic too, i.e. not physical.  If it is physical think of illnesses that are quiet in nature, i.e. high blood pressure.

That's the best I can do with the info involved.  Love to hear back from dreamer with more details and feedback on my feedback. 

Dream Momma

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