Drip irrigation: A greener way to water your plants

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Just consider that a sprinkler system allows plants to absorb only 40-75% of the water applied, but the standard drip irrigation delivers around 90% of the water directly to the plant.

Additionally, some of the best drip irrigation systems are made from recycled materials which make them even more beneficial to the environment as well. For example, the Catch a Drip Moisture Hose is designed to function with a gravity drip system and is made from 65% recycled tire rubber.

So, how do they work? The best designs are meant to capture water that might have otherwise have gone to waste. A good system, such as the Catch a Drip Moisture Hose can slip over a piece of PVC piping. This can be positioned beneath something like an air conditioner, which can waste tens of gallons of water in a single week due to simple condensation. This water can then be directed to the specially designed drip hose, which is wound through plants and gardens and which slowly and consistently supplies the soil and roots with a large amount of free water.

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Are you a gardener who has grown tired of all of the watering you need to do each and every day? Are you concerned about wasting water as well? If so, you will want to seriously consider the installation of a drip irrigation system. This is a way to supply plants, and their root systems, with a consistent and steady supply of water. No more split tomatoes, wilted greens, and no more dead plants during dry weather. There is also no more wasted water and no need to spray water everywhere (through the use of a sprinkler) in order to meet the needs of only a few plants. This way of watering is also something that supports weeds and unwanted plants as well.

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