Dystopia or utopia? Some thoughts on PlanIt

The PlanIt Valley community project is gadget geek's — and sustainability activist's — wet dream.

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They will call it PlanIT and it is a planned city of roughly 225,000 souls dedicated to living in a laboratory for the perfect human city with free flowing data, intelligent buildings speaking to our phones, and cars that pollute exceptionally little.

This project includes planning for a more perfect power grid and wireless data usage that continue at peak demand without pollution or interruption. Basically it will be a gadget geek's wet dream. Or so is the plan.

On the other hand, reading Orwell, Huxley, Dick, etc. has taught me anything it is that the best laid plans lead straight to totalitarianism.

Okay, more an endless consumer loop of apathy.

But just think of a city where everything you see in Popular Science actually works, and hope that no thieves or tyrant decides they need to tap all that free-flowing data.

On the more monotonous side this will also serve as a huge investment incubator. It could incite the collision of an Economic Development Corporation and science fiction.

I still can?t wait ? although I was hoping for a more Star Trek-style socialism.

click to enlarge Portugal does... - NM Family Planning
NM Family Planning
Portugal does...

click to enlarge Portugal does... - NM Family Planning
NM Family Planning
Portugal does...
  • NM Family Planning
  • Portugal does...

The World’s Fair and novels from the likes of Aldous Huxley and Phillip K. Dick conjure up dreamscapes of the future, where we have developed our technology so high that our humanity has begun to suffer or altogether disappeared.

These dystopian dreams are seductive insomuch as we can finally be as lazy as we always wished we could.

Oh admit it, you wish you could take a pill to stay fit while a robot brings you an endless supply of salty goodness atop fried potatoes. Now I may be exaggerating a bit here, but a city in the north of Portugal teamed up with the national government could build the mecca of our futuristic dreams.

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