Ecological Intelligence: looking at the impacts of what we buy

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Looking for a Green Job, or better yet a Green Career? Check out Daniel Goleman's (New York Times science writer who authored and coined Emotional Intelligence) new book, Ecological Intelligence: How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Changes Everything. Since the book was just published, it may not have made it to your local library. Consider the ecological choice in having it in your hands next week by ordering it from

To save trees and green cash, consider renting the book from BookSwim for $9.95 a month. 

If you'd rather listen, catch Goleman on the Ecological Awareness series, where he chats with researchers about the scientific meaning of "we're all connected" and corporate leaders about how consumers can also make choices about their very own carbon footprints.

Goleman's expose of transparency makes it harder to hide or stay uninformed about the impact we make daily on the environment by our purchases and actions.

Back to a Green Career. Remember when people used to ask what you wanted to be when you grew up? My guess is that being an industrial ecologist wasn't among your wildest dreams. Goleman's resources have been around for a couple of decades using a life-cycle assessment (LCA) to trace the webs of connections. Does this sound like your calling?

See Newsweek's take on this newly recognized human intelligence, "Eco-IQ".

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