Editor's Note: Congratulations, procrastinators!

You now have two more weeks to enter the CL Visions Photo & Video Contest.

You read that right: The deadline for submitting your photos and videos has been extended from March 1 to Thurs., March 15 at 5 p.m.

That means you’ve got two more weeks to perfect your photo. Two more weeks to improve your video.

Two more weeks to figure out the best way to interpret the contest theme, which is (appropriately enough) Time.

And, most importantly, this means you’ve got two more weeks to win $1,000.

Enter at cltampa.com/visions. That’s also where you can vote on the photos and videos you like best and keep track of which ones are attracting support and which ones still need a little love. And if you want to make sure your favorite stays in contention for the Readers’ Choice award, spread the word so that your friends can vote, too.

Speaking of contests, this year’s edition of The 10/100/1000 Challenge is officially underway.

Do you have an innovative idea for improving life in Tampa Bay? Go to cltampa.com/ten100 and describe your project; you might just inspire CL and Creative Tampa Bay to award you a $1,000 grant to help you turn your dream into reality.

Want to learn more? Last year’s winners, Reuben Pressman and Hunter Payne of Swings Tampa Bay, will be holding a workshop on Thurs. March 15, from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at CL Space (1911 N. 13th St., Ybor City, above Spaghetti Warehouse), for applicants seeking tips and encouragement, for people who haven’t yet decided whether to apply, or anyone in the general public who’s merely curious. Admission is free.

The comments section of cltampa.com has seen some feisty exchanges of late. Among the stories generating passionate reactions:

• Rebecca Forman’s review of Celtic Woman at the Straz: She called the concert “magical,” but her shocking use of the acronym “WTF” offended reader Daryl Persons, who wrote “Really??? You start this article/review out with “WTF”???? Whats wrong with you! You obviously don’t know what or who these Woman represent! This has got to be the most disrespectful thing I’ve seen in a long time! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Disgusting!” To which another reader responded, “Dear Daryl, you are a moron who apparently didn’t make it past the first line of this review.”

• Mitch Perry’s report on a speech by past (and future?) gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink: Commenter “trampabaytimes” observed, “I like Alex Sink — I really do — and she’s a great lady and a pillar of Davis Islands but: I think we need a progressive that can draw a real contrast to not just Rick Scott, but to the intransigent, complacent, utterly out of touch Florida GOP.”

• Erica Miller’s plea for restaurants to treat single diners with more respect: Commenter Jeff Novak asked, “was the meal bitter? because sure it sounds like you are. Sit at the bar or get takeout. Dont hog a working man’s 4 top with your cheap ass tip. Serving is a game we do to make money. If I see two chances to make money and one is 5 times better than the other, who am I going for. Or get some of this huge network of friends you supposedly have to join you.” To which Thomas Carnes replied, “Jeff sounds exactly like the type of kiss ass, suck up server I abhor when dining out. I have many friends, who regard their job as a professional aspect of the ‘hospitality industry.’ Recognize that a single diner might appreciate an additional word or two of welcome more than a romantic duo, and does not require that much additional time away from your more lucrative table of four.”


The captions for photos accompanying Lisa Marzilli’s Feb. 16 story on the Hillsborough Correctional Institute contained incorrect identifications of the late Hugh Burns, after whom inmates named their Meditation Garden Wall mural. Mr. Burns was not a warden at HCI, but a respected 20-year volunteer.

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