Elizabeth Snedecker, star of anti-David Jolly ad, says she'd be glad to talk with the candidate

Upon viewing the ad that features a Largo couple bashing his take on Social Security, David Jolly told CL over the weekend that he had attempted to speak directly to that couple — Rod and Elizabeth Snedecker — on Friday, but was unable to leave a voicemail message on their phone. Jolly said that, although a political consultant might have advised him not to do such a thing, he's interested in reaching out to as many voters in Pinellas County as possible, including some who won't be voting for him in the special CD13 congressional election next month.

Here's the ad he was referring to:

On Sunday Elizabeth Snedecker confirmed that their phone system was having some problems late last week that could very well have prevented the GOP candidate from leaving a message on their phone machine. She said that she would welcome speaking to Jolly, but that she and her husband are strongly opposed to privatizing Social Security.