Emotiv EPOC lets you control your computer with brainwaves: Play Pong with your mind! Kinda!

, "ostensibly" and "theoretically" are the two most important things to remember. It handles like a '60's-era commuter bus and will likely make you doubt your own ability to control and contain your own brain. Until, that is, you decide to toss it across the room and grab the mouse.

Rick sums it up:

The EPOC has now proven something I've long known in my heart but had no proof of -- I'm no Jedi. Nor am I a Sith Lord or a Mutant Telepath. I'm a guy who paid $300 for a toy that doesn't work very well. (joystiq.com)

Read the review for the entire, thought-provoking experience.

CL video game reviewer and contributing writer Rick Dakan wrote a review of the new Emotiv EPOC Brain-Computer Interface tool over at Joystiq.com. It's a $300 electrode skullcap that — ostensibly — will read your brainwaves and translate that into movement on the computer screen. Move the mouse cursor, click on objects, control games — all theoretically possible just using the power of your thoughts.

First, you train the device to recognize your particular brainwave patterns for certain commands, like "up", "left" and so on. Then, you load Emotiv's Cortex Arcade app to start thought-blasting enemies. Kinda.

Playing a slow motion game of Pong that's harder and more frustrating than Ninja Gaiden on its toughest setting is not a happy experience. Especially when, for the briefest of flashes, you see that an errant thought can send the white line moving up and down at a good speed. (joystiq.com)

I tried it out at Rick's house and, it turns out

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