Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of impending death

it's no fun getting old, unhealthy, and impotent.

Of the more than 1,500 men in this study treated for heart disease over four years, those with ED were two times as likely to have heart attacks and die during this time.

Unfortunately the drugs used to treat their cardiovascular problems did nothing to improve their ED issues.  This is just one more reason why men shouldn't be shy when it comes to talking about their dicks. ED sufferers should report their problems to their doctors and seek treatment for the cardiovascular problems underlying ED. Also, doctors should no longer just write ED patients prescriptions for Viagra or Cialis; these don't alleviate the underlying cause of ED.These findings will undoubtedly pump even more money into the booming industry for ED drugs.

I have one major concern with this study. Doctors have yet to consider the possibility that once a man’s ability to have sex is removed, the rest of his body may just shut down.


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Not only do men with erectile dysfunction, ED, have to deal with impotence, now ED suffers with heart problems have to worry about dying.

As reported on, a new study published in the journal Circulation finds that of men with heart conditions, those who also have ED are much more likely to have heart attacks and die in the near future.

This study adds to the building body of evidence suggesting that

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