Eva Mendes sex tape shenanigans (video)

, smart enough not to film herself having sex, Mendes decided to capitalize on this internet obsession by releasing "Eva Mendes S.EX. Tape," for your nastiest, dirtiest, most flexible tape jobs. By design, Eva's S.EX. Tape is safe to use on poles, pipes, rods, rims, bottoms, tops, the backdoor, the front door, upside down, on a boat, in a tree, with toys, in Mexico, covered in champagne, and on untreated naked wood. And of course it will work in Eva's dark bedroom with two dudes for at least twenty minutes.

While Eva's S.EX. Tape may not make her a tabloid queen, it's endearing to know that a Hollywood starlet understands the common man enough to give him what he needs---a good roll of sturdy tape. (It may sound crazy, but if this product actually existed I bet it would outsell duct tape). And while this S.EX. Tape may not allow you to see Mendes naked, the infomercial does give you a glimpse of her raw sense of humor---which just makes her more likable, and will lead to more Google searches for her real sex tape.

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Part of the intrigue of celebrity sex tapes, and most all celebrity scandals, is that they prove that these famous people aren't as perfect or refined as they seem. That and perverts, by which I mean all men and a good portion of women, enjoy watching beautiful people have sex as it gives them an image to superimpose over the less than perfect people they usually have sex with.

Celebrity sex tapes have become so common that internet addicts obsessively search for graphic videos of impossibly hot celebrities that don't exist, or at least haven't been leaked yet. This was the case with Eva Mendes who had over 3 million Google searches for her sex tape. As a savvy celebrity

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