Everything you ever wanted to know about Earthships (video)

This video goes in-depth into Earthship design principles, how they're built, how solar and wind energy is harvested and used within the home, how water is harvested and used (and reused), the food production aspect, and pretty much anything else you wanted to know about Earthships.

Hopefully, this new Earthship in Manatee County will inspire others in Florida to get "off the grid", live off the land, and to start utilizing natural elements. And if these started popping up in in place of those pre-fab homes, it would not only create sustainable green communities but also green construction jobs.

As you've seen from a post earlier this week in the Green Community, Florida is getting its first Earthship. But what exactly goes into making an Earthship and what makes it so energy efficient and eco-friendly?

Not only do Earthships utilize solar and wind energy (for heating, cooling, and electricity), they are made completely of natural and recycled items and are built to harvest their own water, have contained sewage treatment, and their own built-in gardens so inhabitants can harvest their own food.

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