Facebook addiction: it helps to know you're not alone

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I snapped this photo while walking along the Eastside Gallery during a recent stay in Berlin, and I couldn't agree more with the person who wrote this. The Gallery is a 1.3km-long section of the Berlin Wall, and is supposed to be an "international memorial for freedom."

Every day I have to fight myself to not check Facebook multiple times, or to stalk that girl that's dating my best friend's boyfriend's sister's cousin, who I am just fascinated with. I mean, why am I even friend's with her?

And every day I have to fight myself from getting that happy feeling because a new friend request from someone I barely know just came in. It's just so great knowing someone wants to stalk you back. I think on the grand spectrum of Facebook addiction, mine is pretty bad, but atleast I'm not alone (from the "Facebook is ruining my life" Facebook group):

"For all the people who find themselves addicted to facebook. You are on facebook everytime you're on the computer and you don't even hesitate before doing so.

Facebook comes into play in every discussion we have, whether it's at school, home, a restaurant... whatever. In time, facebook will rule the world and become the new Sun that the Earth orbits around.

Every event is on facebook, and all previously nonfacebook invitations are extinct. Invite your friends, we'll all become facebook addicts together... there's no way to fight it.

Thank you very much Mark Zuckerberg... jerk."

Facebook has more than 70 million users, and MySpace has 110 million. It's no wonder social-networking has caught on with such a fervor because reconnecting with old friends and keeping in touch with new ones is great, but sometimes I feel the need to ask myself: "Are you in charge of Facebook, or is Facebook in charge of you?"

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